In the field of wind energy production too we are constantly further developing our products or creating brand new ones. A current example of this is the ÖLFLEX® TORSION FRNC for highly flexible applications.

The ÖLFLEX® TORSION FRNC is a genuine all-rounder –  it is cold-, torsion- and oil-resistant and also certified for use in North America. It is particularly suited to highly flexible applications, e.g. to the so-called "loop installation" in wind turbines in the transition from the rotating nacelle to the static tower section, to connecting generators and control units or to moving machine components where torsional forces can occur.


 Cable with special properties


 The key highlights of the new ÖLFLEX® TORSION FRNC:
• Torsion-resistant up to +/- 150 degrees per metre.
• Temperature range from -40°C to +90°C.
• Halogen-free and highly flame-resistant (IEC 60332-3-24 compliant).
• UL/CSA approved.
• Complies with the strict OIL RES II oil resistance test.
• Suitable for use in voltage classes up to U0/U 0.6/1 kV.


When developing the ÖLFLEX® TORSION FRNC, particular attention was paid to making them easy to assemble. Thanks to a special insulation compound, removing the cable insulation or stripping the single conductors can be carried out very quickly and easily. The high flexibility of the cable also allows for space-saving installation with small bending radii.

System products from one supplier


For the nacelle and tower:
• Halogen-free control and data cables.
• Halogen-free cable glands.
• Complete UL/CSA range.
• Listed with UL/CSA, MTW, NEW!
• WTTC (Wind Turbine Tray Cable for 1000 V for open cable laying) and AWM approved cables.
• Flexible rectangular or circular connector systems including modular systems.
• Marking system for all temperatures and applications with CAD integration.
• Tried and tested cable systems for connections between the slip ring and pitch control in the hub.
• Circular and flat braids for lightning protection.
 For the loop:
• Torsion-proof control and data cables
(+/- 150°/metre), screened and standard
• Torsion-proof ETHERNET data cables
(+/- 180°/metre)
• Torsion-proof UL and MIL listed fibre optic cables
(+/- 110°/metre)
• Torsion-proof power cables
(+/- 150°/metre)