Wind energy is the quickest growing market globally amongst renewable energies. New wind farms are being developed on every continent. They will increasingly replace energy provision from fossil fuels and thus provide a crucial environmental contribution.

Requirements for cabling solutions in wind applications:
Due to very various climatic conditions in locations such as Asia or Europa and specific technical requirements, the demands on wires, cable glands, cables and connectors regarding temperature resistance, vibration resistance and torsional stability are extremely high. Many of the installed parts have to demonstrate their reliable functionality in a temperature range of -40 to +90°C over a number of years.

How LAPP can meet these requirements:
LAPP can fall back on its extensive experience over 50 years of development and manufacturing, and based on this has developed various innovations and a high level of production quality and reliability.


Quality is constantly being ensured in our own highly-modern test centres and internationally unique test bench, in which cables up to 12 m long can be tested under realistic conditions, such as those found in a wind power plant loop. The composition of the Group with its own in-house production in the main markets gives our international customers the security of being able to access a large assortment of standard products with the corresponding standards all over the world.

Example products: