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Industrial communication from a single source: From the sensor, actuator and control level to the merchandise management system, we work with you to implement the complete networking for the reliable transmission of the highest data volumes. We focus on quality, because the Internet of Things places high demands on connection technology. Data transmission must be guaranteed at all times in order to avoid scenarios that could lead to production downtimes or even endanger people.

Cables, connectors, switches - at LAPP, customers find a comprehensive portfolio for all applications and protocol standards of industrial communication - from a single source and with LAPP's manufacturing Expertise.

New products


The stationary, absolutely compact monitoring device monitors the performance of your highly loaded ethernet cable at risk of failure and predicts its likelihood of failure. Why perform preventive maintenance if it can also be planned in an optimal way? You too can take advantage of the benefits of predictive maintenance!



Plug & Play in torsion applications: This data cable with PUR outer sheath and vibration-resistant M12 connectors can be twisted up to ± 180°/m and reliably transmits signals at speeds up to 10 Gbit/s (Cat. 6A). A real advantage for robot applications or wind turbines! Can also be used in the PROFINET network.

ETHERLINE® FLEX Cat.6A Patchcords

Our Cat.6A performance factory-assembled data cable can be used for structured building cabling as well as industrial environments. The halogen-free materials also allow use in buses. The assembly is optimally shielded and is available either with RJ45 or M12 connectors.

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ETHERLINE® EC FD Cat.5e Patchcords

With its abrasion-resistant PUR outer sheath, the factory-assembled data cable (Cat.5e performance) is suitable for demanding, constantly flexing applications in the cable chain. The halogen-free materials also allow use in buses. The assembly is optimally shielded and is available with RJ45, M8 A-coded or M12 D-coded connectors.

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Just plug, no longer splice: The mounting rail adapter connects the glass fibre outside your control cabinet to the patch cable inside your control cabinet. The adapter is suitable for LC-D, SC and SC-RJ connectors, for SM and MM fibres and saves time during installation. For pluggable connections, also in the PROFINET network!

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