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The future of mobility is electric

In 2030, one in three newly registered cars in Europe could be an electric car. This is the result of a recent study. In China, electric vehicles are expected to reach a market share of more than 40 percent by this time.


Strong partner for e-Mobility

LAPP offers user-friendly charging cables for charging at public AC charging points and at domestic or industrial sockets for infrastructure operators, charging station and vehicle manufacturers. We offer a variety of cable shapes including the LAPP Helix, a charging cable that automatically returns to its original shape after charging. The charging plugs are available in the versions DESIGN and HEAVY DUTY, whereby the robust HEAVY DUTY line is ideal for particularly demanding applications in the public sector. The Mode 2 charging cable for charging at household or industrial sockets gives the electric car driver the flexibility to charge his car from a standard socket if there is no charging station within reach.




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