SKINTOP®. The best connection for your application.

SKINTOP®. A worthwhile investment.


Can a cable gland really help make your machine more efficient? It can. There’s a wealth of potential in even the tiniest Lapp component. These are just a few examples:

SKINTOP®. Absolutely tight.


Why choose SKINTOP®? Well, we could name ­several good reasons. Take these for starters:

SKINTOP®. Made to match.


Not all cable glands are alike. Nor are all SKINTOP® glands. Every wiring challenge has its own special features and we have a special solution to match them all.

SKINTOP®. In action.


Indoors or outdoors, in hot or cold conditions – there are many possible applications for SKINTOP®. Our quality cable glands, first patented 35 years ago, are particularly in ­demand in: