For reliable plug connections – even after many plug cycles

For reliable plug connections – even after many plug cycles

The benefits of our plug connections are clear: they create detachable connections between a cable and a device, for example, and withstand hundreds of plug cycles. EPIC® industrial plug connections are used for power supply as well as signal and data transmission in various industrial environments and support the cable in its tasks: they supply another piece of equipment with power, control the signal transmission and guarantee data exchange. We offer a variety of plug connection variants for a wide range of applications and with different ordering options. Receive individual parts, kits or customised assemblies.

What are the plug connections used for?
While electrical connections were previously fixed, soldered installations often subsequently left for long periods, this task is now adopted by plug connections that can be disconnected and reconnected again thousands of times, always creating reliable contact. A plug connection is therefore the elementary component of a detachable, secure plug connection between two cables or for connecting a cable to a device or machine.

Which plug connectors are available at LAPP?
Overview of possible plug connections with connectors

Not all plug connectors are made equal. The shape defines the function.

An industrial connector is, so to speak, the icing on the cake at the end of a cable that supplies another piece of equipment with energy, controls it, reads signals or transmits data from a transmitter to a receiver. 

Plug connectors can be found in all industrial environments: in mechanical and plant engineering, in control cabinets and of course in outdoor applications. The different shapes, sizes and variants enable a wide range of applications. 

Whether you want to connect the field level to the control cabinet, the control unit or machine-to-machine communication, you are sure to find the right product at LAPP, including all the necessary comprehensive information.
The trend towards miniaturisation and performance compression is not only evident in the cable area, but is also reflected in the plug connectors. Ideally, new connectors should be all-rounders, take up less space in the application, be PROFINET-compliant and vibration-resistant, and have comprehensive shielding for maximum electromagnetic compatibility.

At LAPP, we do everything we can to tackle new challenges with you as a customer and to develop the perfect plug connector for your respective operation site.