Cable recycling

Technology and ecology must go hand in hand - this conviction is what drives our work. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our customers can also benefit from this by allowing their cables to be delivered in an environmentally friendly manner.

Environmentally-sustainable cable recycling

We also offer a cable waste recycling service. Our partner companies will take your old cables and dispose of them in an environmentally-safe way. The cables are mechanically shredded at ISO 9001 certified centres. Some materials are re-used and the unusable waste is properly disposed of.

The cables are mechanically shredded at ISO 9001-certified centres. Certain materials are re-used and the unusable waste is disposed of responsibly.

Environmentally-sustainable materials

Our cable and accessories programme includes halogen-free products which offer more safety to people, the environment and plant in the event of fire, protection from toxic reactions and benefits for recycling.

All products and packaging are asbestos and CFC-free. We largely avoid stabilisers containing lead in our PVC cable and conductor production.

Environmentally-friendly innovations

Only since our development of ÖLFLEX®  NATUR has it been possible to use biologically degradable oils with cables.

Environmentally-sustainable production

Our production operations largely re-use cable production waste, test and reject product. All synthetic waste is re-used. Heated process water is fed to a heat pump which is integrated into the production cooling process.