Marking systems

For clear marking and labelling of cables, lines, single cores and components

For clear marking and labelling of cables, lines, single cores and components

With LAPP marking systems, you can mark virtually everything you need for fast and individual identification in an industrial environment. The marking systems are suitable for marking cables, wires, single cores and other electrical components. With us you can find individual numbers, letters, symbols and character holders for individual marking as well as laser or thermal transfer printing labels, printers, label software, safety signage, tools and accessories. Put an end to the chaos – with clear labelling!

What are marking systems and what are they used for?
Marking systems at LAPP include all products and all product accessories used for marking cables, wires, single cores and other appliances and machine components in industrial areas.

Marking means unambiguous marking and/or labelling of equipment.

Why should cables and components be labelled?
In the event of a fault, it should be possible to make quick repairs. If a cable or fuse is responsible for a problem, it should be replaced quickly. But how can the fault source be identified in a control cabinet if it has not been identified where the cable leads?

Inadequate marking of the fuse box can cause an electrician to sweat and cause unnecessary work. Without clear labelling, it becomes difficult to sort and resolve the problem quickly. This can only be done using the process of elimination. In an industrial environment, where everything depends on proper functioning, it’s a pure nightmare!

Failure to label industrial systems results in massive consequential costs.

However, the clear labelling of cables and components enables problems to be identified quickly and repairs and maintenance to be carried out easily and safely!

Put an end to the chaos- with clear labelling!