Industry Segments Rendering 1500x750

Industrial Communication has many faces – it is applied from the automotive industry and the food and beverage production to the generation of green energy. But no matter in which area you are active, with our extensive connection solutions for Industrial Communication, you will always find the right products for your requirements. As various as the industrial segments and applications for Industrial Communication are, they all have one thing in common: Their demands for connection solutions are constantly increasing. The amount of data is growing, and speed becomes more and more important. Cables, connectors, and switches need to transfer large amounts of data quickly, and most importantly, in a reliable manner. In some areas, even small interruptions can have big consequences, and in others, production lines can only work efficiently if all components work in perfect harmony. But every field of application has its own specific demands – from limited space to questions about safety. Explore the areas in which our products for Industrial Communication are used and find the right connection solutions for your needs.

Food Beverage v2

Food and Beverage

Intralogistics v2


Automotive v2


Sensors v2

Ethernet-based sensor producers

Bus v2

Public Buses

Installers v2

Installers and Harnessers

Wind v2

Wind Turbines

Broadband v2

Broadband Communication

Train v2

Rolling Stock

E-Mobility v2