Machinery & Equipment

Cable solutions for mechanical and plant engineering have formed the cornerstone of our company since the very beginning. There can hardly be an industrial application for which we have not already developed a solution.
Mechanical and plant engineering in Germany holds a key position in the German economy. The industry continues to employ one the largest workforces in the country, takes a leading role in exports and is responsible for the excellent reputation enjoyed worldwide by the "Made in Germany" label. As one of the most popular partners for high-performance, efficient, reliable and innovative solutions in the cable technology field, we are playing our part in maintaining this success.

Specialist expertise for you

Alongside the general expertise necessary to fulfil the requirements of the mechanical and plant engineering sectors, over the past few years we have defined strategic business areas and have expanded our specialist expertise in various fields. We offer experienced experts with substantial industry knowledge who can advise our customers wherever specialist expertise is required.
One part of this is, of course, automation engineering, which continues to play a key role within the industry and which continues to challenge us through its continual demand for innovation.
Highly specialised requirements for cables and accessories also characterise the food processing industry – another area where our customers can rely on our expertise.
In a globalised world, everything revolves around efficient logistics and transport solutions, a field we know very well.
In the field of commercial vehicles, solutions are required which reconcile in particular quality and cost efficiency, and this is why we are the right choice for our customers.
The future is pointing towards robot technology, and in this field too, our customers will find experts at LAPP with whom they can speak on equal terms.