Tools and accessories

Indispensable everyday heroes

Indispensable everyday heroes

LAPP’s product range of tools and accessories includes tools, end sleeves and cable lugs, products for EMC and earthing, as well as insulation and shrink tube products, cable trolley systems, cable duct and cable wedge clamps and products for cable bundling. As a leading supplier of cabling solutions, we are experts in handling, assembling and installing cables. You can also put your trust in reliable LAPP products with regard to tools and accessories.

This is what awaits you in the product range of tools and accessories

A Far Eastern wisdom states that “It’s not enough to come to a river with the desire to catch fish. You also need to bring the net".

The same applies to the electrical engineering sector for the assembly of cables and machine cabling. Before connecting the cable, it must first be cut to length, stripped and, if necessary, stripped of insulation. This requires a professional stripping tool.

LAPP is the largest European system supplier for “all cable technology”.

We know that without suitable cable accessories and suitable tools, nothing works! In the Tools and Accessories product range, you will find everything you need to work with and install cables.