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What benefits and opportunities does a DC supply system offer?

Direct current for an efficient factory of tomorrow

Direct current for an efficient factory of tomorrow

Cables and wires are essential components when planning the construction of such infrastructure. We can, of course, supply you with our range of DC cables for the low-voltage range, which is perfectly tailored to industrial requirements.

LAPP is a founding member of the ODCA
LAPP has been actively involved in research projects on the topic of direct current in industry for years and joined the newly formed ODCA (Open Direct Current Alliance) in 2022 as a founding member. ODCA is considered a successor project to DC-INDUSTRIE2. The focus is now on the benefits of supplying industrial energy grids with direct current and the necessary international standardisation of existing concepts. Direct current is a promising lever to support a successful energy transition and thus an important contribution to climate and resource protection.

When and for whom is direct current an option?
In essence, anyone constructing a new plant today should explore the topic of power supply through direct current.

Which production plants are suitable for a DC system?

  • Plants with high power requirements, e.g. arc or welding applications
  • Factories that generate electricity on site using renewable energy
  • Plants that precisely control, position, accelerate and brake devices and machines using a variety of servo drives
  • Plants with robotics applications in which dynamic movements are performed
  • Large office buildings

Whether it's plant and mechanical engineering, data centres, logistics or renewable energies – DC grids are making their way into many industries. We will provide you with information about the benefits of supplying plants with direct current.

Let's dive into the transformation process together!